January 1, 2010

Larry Williams' Version

Aside from putting criminals in the slammer, assistant prosecutor Larry William plays bass guitar for the band Tyvek.


Did you see correlation between your experience of Detroit and the media's depiction in 2009?

I think most Detroiters are not paying much attention to media's depiction of the city. This is old hat for anyone that's been around here for some time.

What'll be different about 2010- for the city? For you personally?

2010 is going to be better for the city. I think the events of last year are going to motivate people to step up and get involved in their communities. Almost 2000 people signed on to be tutors in Detroit Public schools in the past few months and work on the gardens around town are on point. Small contributions can go a long way in this town and people are ready to give back.

Why do you live in Detroit? How's it different from other places?

Family and friends are the main reason that I'm in Detroit.

What kind of things do you get into in Detroit? Do you have a job? What is it? Why not do it in Royal Oak? in Chicago? NYC?

I work as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for Wayne County, outside of work I play bass guitar in a couple of bands and spin records every other week at Jumbo's. Living in Detroit, I'm five minutes from the Courts downtown and close to most of places that I hang out at.

What's your favorite thing that happened here in 2009?

My favorite event was the opening show at The Lot, "Cooking with Power Tools". Shouts out to Mary Beth Carolan and host Kathy Leisen for putting on a wonderful show.


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