January 1, 2010

Rachel Leggs' Version

Rachel Leggs has packed a tiny, century-old row house in Corktown with a great collection of vintage apparel for men and women, making it very easy to find good clothing for her photoshoot.


Did you see correlation between your experience of Detroit and the media's depiction in 2009?

I did see a correlation in the local media. The local media really worked hard to highlight positive businesses in Detroit and good things happening around our city.

What'll be different about 2010- for the city? For you personally?

I think the city as a whole will become even more positive than it was in 2009. I want to make more of an effort to bring positive change to the city by volunteering.

Why do you live in Detroit? How's it different from other places?

I live here because I love it! It's that simple. Corktown is the only place I've ever really felt at home.

What kind of things do you get into in Detroit? Do you have a job? What is it? Why not do it in Royal Oak? in Chicago? NYC?

Art, food, music and fashion. I own a vintage shop. None of the other places are my city. DETROIT.

What's your favorite thing that happened here in 2009?

My favorite thing of '09 was witnessing positive change and being a part of it, despite the negativity.


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