March 12, 2010

On A Friday Morning Sidewalk

Three cups of coffee, this local soul gem, and I'm starting to feel like myself again today. Hangovers suck. Definitely not used to those Thursday night ragers anymore now that I'm a working man. But it was my pal Tadd's "28th" birthday dinner, so going big was a must. Add to the mix the Magic City Soul Club, and the train ran right off the tracks. We tried to invent 'the herringbone', a dance that goes along with the wood pattern of the stage. Great to see that event taking off. Had a blast & ready for the secret special guest next month.

Now that I'm starting to be coherent again, I just wanted to pass along four or five quick things.

First, a pic from the Talent Show...

*Apparently the M.C./"birthday boy" Phil forgot to leave the stage for this act. You might guess why by all the PBR cans on the table (this is turning into the "wasted" post, sorry). Anyway, more on the Talent Show- including pics, videos & winners coming next week. I slack. But I've been going full-force on rehabbing my new house, so I can't help it.

Which reminds me to post a little bit of... Wierd Stuff Left Behind in My New House

No idea what pressurized fogger is, but it's nice to know someone cared enough to leave some behind for me. I've got more Wierd Stuff on the way, once I figure out how to best capture it.

Mike Trombley's Aries mix is coming up next. He's the former record shop owner that makes up 1/2 of Macho City. I have a hunch it's gonna be great. Check out Chris Koltay's Pisces Mix if you haven't yet. I played around with the settings a bit so you can preview some tracks while you wait for the download. Check it out.

And finally, an update from the "real job" front. My official job description at Team Detroit is to make this ad company famous. Honest. That is what I do three days a week (when I'm not wearing my other hat as a designer for M1/DTW Weds & Thurs). My boss Toby and I have tried a few different things toward that end and had varying degrees of success. But it's moving forward (isn't that some other poor company's ad campaign?). As of this week I pitched a project that aside from being a potentially enormous liability for the company, could be really neat. I don't want to spill the beans, but it involves some wonderful, haunted, tragic abandoned buildings here in Detroit. Something about making them a little more pleasant. I'm an architect, not an ad guy so I think about buildings more than slogans.

I sent an email this morning (with head partly cloudy) to the director of the UCCA to set up a meeting to see if they'd like to help out. They have a great track record of organizing volunteer-based beautification projects and more. For now, my task is to figure out how to curb some of the liability. Or to get Toby on board with the concept of blind faith. That might be easier...

(More from My Job as a Ford Ad Guy coming soon...) If only I could find a link to that great old PBS movie A Job At Ford's...


*Thanks to Rawberto Wells for the youtube soul gem & Jon Dones for the Talent Show pic
**and Mr Cash in a tuxedo singing the all-time hangover anthem


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