June 24, 2010


Tornadoes & earthquakes got you bummed out? Here's a few things on the horizon to cheer things up:

Tonight– grab a lawn chair & some cold beers and watch the
Detroit Futbol League games on the Belle Isle soccer fields. Or skip the beers & get down with some martinis like the Villages fans do. A funny story about the Villages: when we played them last time– I'm on the Mexicantown team and after the Villages players repeatedly didn't chase down their own missed shots (a league rule), one of my teammates who hardly speaks any English said "they forgot to bring their ball boy." He nailed it. I guess you don't even need to know much English to make fun of villages fans! I kid, I kid.

Anyway, after the games- put your dancing shoes on and head out to Slows for a fundraiser to support Scott Benson's campaign for State Rep. $20 gets you full access to beer, white wine and the polished dance floor. Scott Z and Mike Tee from Macho City will be spinning rare dance records with Brad Hales (Magic City Soul Club). Here's a link to a fine mix of
Modern Soul that Brad put together a little while back.

Tomorrow, start your night off right with the West Canfield Street Market. It's a first-timer for this event and the details sound great: locally-made & vintage goods, beats & eats— all in the front courtyards of the Canfield lofts. Sounds kinda like a well-designed block party.

After that, head to Oslo's sleek basement and get down at Fierce Hot Mess'
2nd Birthday Party.

For a taste of how the FHM dj's party, check out the Fierce Hot Mix Tape.

Saturday, the USA continues it's World Cup run with a must-win game against Ghana.

A good afternoon bike ride would be across the new pedestrian bridge over I-75 to get some tacos in Mexicantown. I just did that last weekend.

Don't eat too many tacos though. You'll want to save room for the Cinema Barbeque II at the Burton Theatre. 'Escape from New York' and 'Total Recall' are showing with Brian Merkel (the Abe Froeman of Detroit) grilling fine sausages. Can't go wrong!


The Remains of Detroit on June 24, 2010 at 5:14 PM said...

Wait- hang on a sec. Apparently I have trouble reading. The FHM 2 Year Birthday Party is NOT this Friday- it's Friday July 9. Eeewps.

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