September 16, 2010

Porktown Sausage Pizza @ Supino!!!!!!

Just got back from a quick downtown lunch with Brian Merkel at Supino. Brian and John Schoeniger are the masterminds behind the tasty Porktown Sausage Co that's been on the rise lately.

So far they've packed sausages for the Burton Theatre Cinema bbq's and a few fundraisers. Mocad's 'Home Slice' event is up next for them at Eastern Market, 10/8.

Today marked the debut of the 'Welcome to Porktown Pizza'. Super duper tasty. Especially with those delicious cherry peppers.

I pitched in to help ring up a few coils over at Merkel's house a few months back when they were first experimenting with their meat. Lots of fun. It felt like we were part of a medieval guild, except without all the sobriety.

Congrats Gents! Keep on pushing! (ok, I'll stop with the homo-erotic meat references).


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