November 23, 2010


Forest made one of my favorite mixes of all-time. I bought it for $5 at a 'Skate Laws' show at the Lager House. Played it out- until my tape player broke. Best part about the mix was the recurring themes: trumpeting elephants, conga drums, boisterous bass lines... weaving across the transitions. This was no ordinary mix. More of psychedelic circus act on tape. There were gorgeous tripped-out tracks, dusty R&B stomps and garage cuts. There was glam, there was more. But it all worked. It takes a sensitive ear to weave such an eclectic garment. Three cheers for Forest!

Help welcome Forest once again to Detroit as he presents "The Whip!" with Richie Wohlfeil at the Painted Lady in Hamtramck. Wednesday, 11/24 at 10pm. Sure to please!

More from Forest's bag of tricks:
Hott Lava (w/ Burton Theatre)
Jury Duty (w/ Robert Wells, Geoff Perin)

Dark Matter (w/ Aaron Lindell)
Skate Laws (solo Forest)

And of course mixes. We love mixes:
The Whip from Forest
Have Whip, Will Travel from Richie


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