December 14, 2009

Detroit Talent Show

This Thurs 12/17 - scouting/brainstorming trip for the Detroit Talent Show!!! @ the VFW hall in SW Detroit. Phil originally thought this thing up last year as a possible holiday party for Slows, but somehow it fell off its tracks...

Well, last Friday while running on the treadmill & trying not to watch some terrible infomercial about a lousy broom swifter I pulled this one back out of the bag. Quickly started scheming with Dorota Bilica- one of the artists responsible for the Hygenic Dress League and day-jobber at the downtown YMCA. It's gonna be a fundraiser for Dai Hughes' Astro Coffee project, coming Summer, 2010.

So who's coming to help scout?
Daisuke Hughes (Astro Coffee)
Kristen Dean (architectural/graphic designer from M1)
Phillip Cooley (Slows Bar-B-Q, all things Detroit)
Steve Coy/Dorota Bilica (Hygenic Dress League, U of M Art Faculty)

Can't wait. I haven't been to this gem of a dive bar in quite a while. We'll keep ya posted...


Toby on December 14, 2009 at 4:56 PM said...

I'm in!

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