December 15, 2009

Hanging Meats in Detroit

This photograph shows a recent pancetta & chorizo hanging in the basement of O'Connor Development on Michigan Avenue in Detroit, the early stages of our "Charcuterie Club," known also as "Meat Club." Pictured, from left: Mr. Dave Mancini, Mr. Chalres Sorel, Mr. Phillip Cooley and Mr. Putnam Weekley.

The gentlemen:
Mr. Mancini - Supino Pizzeria (
Mr. Sorel - Le Petit Zinc (, Lafayette Cafe (, Chez Oskar (
Mr. Cooley - Slows Bar-B-Q (
Mr. Weekley- Detroit Drinks (

Mr. Weekley's advice on wine and beverage selection is quite possibly the perfect weapon in a young suitor's arsenal. The man cannot much get a sandwich when he visits the city of New York without some young lad accosting him for a good wine tip. On the evening pictured here, Mr. Weekely shared the acute insight that perhaps seventy years had lapsed since the practice of hanging meats in ones' basement was observed in the Corktown community of Detroit.


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